SNA’s Keys to Excellence

SNA’s Keys to Excellence is a state of the art self-assessment tool that allows you to compare your school nutrition program’s performance with other districts in your area and around the country. Evaluate your program’s strengths and improvement areas!

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The National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) is located at The University of Mississippi, Oxford campus. A trusted source for accurate, reliable information, the NFSMI offers face-to-face and on-site training seminars at little or no cost and free online courses designed to support the professional development of child nutrition program and child care personnel at all levels of responsibility. The Institute also delivers free training resources managers can use to train their staff. It is as near as your desktop by way of toll-free telephone and FAX numbers, e-mail, and the Internet.


School Meals are Healthy Meals. Join the Conversation.



USDA’s “All Foods Sold in School” Nutrition Standards – New for Snacks and Beverages


Great Trays™ Toolkit for School Foodservice

The Great Trays™ toolkit provides tools, information, and resources to plan kid-tested nutritious menus that meet the new nutrition standards for school lunch and breakfast programs, start and promote farm to school programs, save money on food purchasing, and “nudge” students toward healthier choices

Great Trays-Listing of recommended skills for Minnesota school nutrition professionals, organized by SNA Key Area, along with local and national resources that address those skills


2014 Nutrition Conference

Speaker Presentations/Handouts/Recipes

2014 Annual Conference Speaker Presentations


2013 Nutrition Conference Handouts

Dr. Cathy Breedon

Paige Gustafson, RD,LD

Jessica Graumann, MS, RD, LD

Dr. Katie Kearney-Bidwell


2013 MSNA Annual Conference Handouts

2012 Nutrition Conference – Healthy You!

October 27, 2012


2012 56th Annual Conference

“Stand UP To Change”

Speaker Handouts/Power Points

Food Distribution Program Basics


2011 Nutrition Conference

“Challenge to Change”

Speaker Handouts

Marjorie Johnson-To purchase “Blue Ribbon Baking” book visit Marjorie’s website:


55th Annual Conference 2011 Presentations

Sunday, July 31

Monday, August 1

Tuesday, August 2

Wednesday, August 3

Indian Harvest Recipes


Nutrition Conference 2010 Presentations