About MSNA

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The Minnesota School Nutrition Association (MSNA), founded in 1956 as a state-wide association with local chapters, is a non-profit association of members who work to ensure that all children have access to healthy meals and nutrition education in Minnesota. MSNA represents anyone who is involved or interested in school nutrition programs, although many more benefit from their efforts, including children, parents, school administrators and those school food service personnel who are not members. The association provides members the opportunity for professional development through education and training; provides members with important news and information; and provides members with the opportunity for networking and fellowship. In addition, the association members work hard to promote school food service to the various publics.

MSNA Mission Statement: MSNA is a state organization of school nutrition professionals committed to advancing school meal programs through education and advocacy.

MSNA Vision: Be the authority and resource for school nutrition programs.

MSNA Values

  • Collaboration, Relationship Building and Teamwork
  • Caring Commitment and Service
  • Lifelong Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Passion for Lifelong Learning and Professional Development
  • Integrity and Ethics

Core Purpose: Well-nourished students prepared for success

MSNA Focus Plan and Strategies 2022-2024

1.  Career Development and Growth
  • Provide opportunities for professional growth for members
  • Develop and deliver new Director mentorship program
  • Develop courses that are hands-on, fun and help school nutrition professionals in their professional growth
  • Offer classes as pre-conference activities
  • Offer classes through a variety of distribution channels (e.g., webinar series, podcasts, zoom, etc.)
2.  Stakeholder Community
  • Rebuild and deepen relationships with existing collaborating partners and prospective partners
  • Elevate and build relationships with industry members and non-members
  • Develop ongoing relationships with legislators
  • Raise the visibility of school nutrition leaders and MSNA leadership as the experts on school nutrition with media, school boards, other allied partners and stakeholders
  • Exhibit and conduct workshops at other industry conferences

3.  Thriving Organization 
  • Serve as the hub for members to network and build lifelong relationships around common goals and interests
  • Recruit and elect leaders with expertise in school nutrition, who will help the organization grow and stay a vital resource to its members
  • Increase the number of members from all levels of school nutrition
4.  Voice of School Nutrition
  • Be the advocates for feeding Minnesota’s children
  • Ensure MSNA members are acknowledged and recognized as the experts on school nutrition

MSNA Strategic Plan