Welcome to the MSNA Minute, holiday edition!  There are lots of exciting changes in store for the Association to kick off 2022, including the welcoming of many talented members to the Board and a new executive director.  Learn about the comings and goings and note NEW contact information for MSNA communications, [email protected].


Welcome to Margaret Winchell

As of January 1, 2022  we will have a new Executive Director. Take a moment to meet Margaret Winchell from Fusion.

At the bottom of the newsletter you'll find the new MSNA email address and mailing address.  The phone number is staying the same.


MSNA President Update

The new year will bring about some big changes for MSNA. Current President Carrie Frank shares with us what we can expect. Also how you can get involved in helping to plan the 2022 Annual Conference in St. Cloud.

Read Carrie's letter HERE

Comings & Goings

We want to wish good luck to Brenton Lexvold. He is moving on from Red Wing Schools and will no longer be the PPL Chair for MSNA. Darcy Stueber (left) from Mankato Area Schools will finish the term as PPL Chair. Jess Peña (right) has joined the executive board as Nutrition Chair. Jess talks about her start in her school nutrition journey.

Industry Partner of the Year

Congratulations to Laurance Anderson from Cambro!  His exemplary efforts to go above and beyond to support MSNA members and the child nutrition community were cited when he received his award at SNIC last month.


Invaluable...Positive attitude...Super talented...Quick to respond...just some of the ways Laurance was described by nominators.  He has served on the MSNA executive board and always makes the extra effort, is willing to help and shares ideas to help districts to function efficiently and effectively.  Thank you, Laurance!


Thank you Sharon Maus!

As we say goodbye to Sharon Maus and thank her for her 14 years with MSNA, Sharon has a special message for our members. Click here to read it.  Also enjoy this video created for Sharon. It was played at the School Nutrition Industry Partner (SNIP) conference. 



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