SNF Equipment Grant Opportunities!!

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The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) is now accepting applications for equipment grant scholarships!

New this year, eligible applicants have the opportunity to win one of three equipment grants! These three grants are the Winston Equipment Grant, the Vulcan/Hobart Equipment Grant, and the Collection Grant.  Each grant is worth up to $60,000 of equipment!! If your kitchen needs new equipment, consider applying today!  Applications and videos must be submitted by a school nutrition director.


  • The applicant must be an active director-level member for a minimum of one year from October 1, 2018 with the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and have a history of employment in school foodservice. If you need to confirm SNA membership, please call 1-800-877-8822.
  • There are NO eligibility requirements for a certain percentage of free/reduced eligible students.
  • The applicant must be responsible for directing the school nutrition program of the school district.
  • Applicant must represent the entire school district’s equipment needs.

Applications will be reviewed for need, plan to integrate new equipment and impact of new equipment on the school nutrition program. Only the first 75 submitted applications will be considered for this grant. Once 75 applications have been submitted, the grant will be closed.  Click here for SNF webage.

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