SNA & MSNA Awards Deadline Approaching!!

By  •  February 16, 2018 at 12:49 pm

Who do you know that goes above and beyond? Shine the spotlight on their achievements by nominating them for a SNA Award! Nominations are due online in two weeks, by Thursday, March 1. Show that employee, manager, or director how much you appreciate their hard work!

We’ve made it easy for you to gather your thoughts by providing Word documents you can use to prepare your nomination in advance before submitting it online. Nominees must hold an SNA Certificate or the SNS Credential. Check out more information on each of the awards below:

For more information visit or contact

State Only Awards

The MSNA E-Team and Innovation Awards are also due March 1st to the MSNA Office!.

  • The E-Team Award showcases excellence in Teamwork, Creativity and Customer Service. Going the “Extra Mile” is a part of the team’s goals to bring their best service to the forefront. Nominate your kitchen staff!
  • The MSNA Innovation award recognizes an individual for the development of an Innovative Process or Program within a school or district which adds value or streamlines operations.

Don’t delay! Recognize your colleagues today!

SNA Award Nominations are being accepted online only. All MSNA Award nominations must be sent to the MSNA office.

Questions, please contact Member Services Chair, Amy Richardson or call the MSNA office at 877-251-2344!