SNA Election 2018 is now open!

By  •  February 15, 2018 at 10:03 am

Voting opens today! SNA members have the opportunity to join fellow SNA members nationwide in voting for the candidates you think will make a difference in advancing school nutrition programs and providing SNA with leadership for the future. This year’s election for positions on the SNA Board of Directors and Leadership Development Committee features 16 candidates whose SNA volunteer experience, leadership talent and passion for child nutrition have earned them a place on the ballot.

The “polls” will be open for SNA members to cast their ballots starting today, February 15, through Wednesday, February 28. Voting will be conducted online through SNA’s independent election house, which you will be able to access through the SNA website,

To prepare to cast your vote, make sure to review the candidate biographies and SNA’s how to vote information on the website in advance.

Visit for more information on the election.