Gay Anderson to Serve as 2019-20 SNA President

By  •  June 19, 2019 at 7:32 pm  •  0 Comments

The School Nutrition Association’s (SNA) Delegate Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to appoint SNA President Gay Anderson, SNS, to fill the vacancy in SNA’s 2019-20 President position. Anderson will serve as SNA President until July 2020.

Following the resignation of SNA’s President-elect, SNA’s Leadership Development Committee voted unanimously to recommend Anderson for the position, per SNA’s Bylaws. The choice was also supported by SNA’s Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Legal Counsel and Parliamentarian.

SNA President Gay Anderson

SNA President Gay Anderson

SNA’s Bylaws require a two-thirds vote to approve officer appointments. Anderson’s appointment allows SNA’s 2019-20 President-elect, Reginald Ross, SNS, and Vice President, Beth Wallace, MBA, SNS, to serve their full terms in office, contributing to the Association within the timeline and succession plan they were elected to serve.



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