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POSTED: November 16, 2017
Position Titles
Cafeteria Employee, 3 – 4 hours/day  **District Wide– Job 4835
Cafeteria Employee, 3 hours/day  **Brookview Elementary-   Job 4856
Cafeteria Employee – 4 hours/day **Oakland Middle School -Job 4857
Cafeteria Employee – 4 hours/day **Mahtomedi High School-Job 4858
Cafeteria Employee – 4 hours/day **Stillwater Area High School-Job 4859
Cafeteria Employee – 5 hours/day-**Stillwater Middle School-Job 4873
Company/School:  Stillwater Area Schools
Location: See above Schools
Start Date:
Deadline:  Open until filled
Salary Range:  Per contract
For Information on each job and to


POSTED: November 8, 2017
Position Title
:  Head Cook
Permanent/Full Time:
Company/School:  Orono Public Schools
Location: Orono Schumann Elementary School
Start Date:  November 15, 2017
Salary Range:  Per contract
For Information and to  Job 1135