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The Minnesota School Nutrition Association (MSNA), founded in 1956 as a state-wide association with local chapters, is a non-profit association of members who work to ensure that all children have access to healthy meals and nutrition education in Minnesota. MSNA represents anyone who is involved or interested in school nutrition programs, although many more benefit from their efforts, including children, parents, school administrators and those school food service personnel who are not members. The association provides members the opportunity for professional development through education and training; provides members with important news and information; and provides members with the opportunity for networking and fellowship. In addition, the association members work hard to promote school food service to the various publics.


The purpose of Minnesota School Nutrition Association is to provide our members opportunities for professional development and to build relationships that make a difference in the lives of children.


  • All members will be well-trained, highly skilled professionals who care about children.
  • Members will be advocates for Child Nutrition Programs.
  • We will change the face of Child Nutrition, including:
    • Quality nutritious food choices will be available and accessible at no charge to the student as an integral component of the education day.
    • Society recognizes the high value of quality school nutrition programs.
    • Childhood hunger ends on our watch.
    • The Child Nutrition profession will attract motivated and diverse job candidates.


  • Professionalism and Self-fulfillment
    • Improving skills through education and training to achieve self-fulfillment in our careers.
    • Achieving high standards; proficient at what we do; dedicated to learning and enhancing skills.
    • Caring about others, feeling good about our service.
    • Providing educational opportunities for members to gain confidence, recognition, and leadership skills.
    • Being part of a greater cause, such as nourishing children and supporting each other.
  • Relationships and Partnerships
    • Developing positive working collaborations with stakeholders, including colleagues, children, the community, districts, affiliate organizations and industry.
    • Developing personal and professional friendship that foster mentoring, the “pick up the phone” kind.
  • Kids
    • Developing relationships with children. The reason for our existence!
  • Fun
    • Making it educational but enjoyable.
    • Demonstrating a balance between work and play.
    • Providing camaraderie and support


1. Education and Professional Development
2. Advocacy & Public Image
3. Community
4. Infrastructure